December 8, 2014

Cake Truffles

Recipe: Eric Vellend

This is my spin on cake truffles, the brainchild of Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi, who was looking for a delicious way to use up cake scraps. Use this recipe as a guideline and let your imagination run wild when it comes to flavors and coatings.



  • Unsalted butter and flour, for pan
  • 1 box cake mix (chocolate, vanilla or red velvet)
  • 3 eggs (approx.)
  • 1⁄3 cup vegetable oil (approx.)
  • 1 cup water (approx.)
  • 10 tbsp store-bought creamy vanilla icing


  • 8 oz. white chocolate, chopped
  • Flaked sweetened coconut, finely chopped pecans, and crushed chocolate wafer cookies, for rolling
  • 4 oz. semi-sweet chocolate, chopped



Yield: Makes 32

  1. Grease 9″ x 13″ baking pan. Dust with flour, tapping out excess. Prepare cake, using pan, according to instructions on package. (Amount of eggs, oil and water may vary depending on brand.) Cool completely.
  2. Break cake into chunks. Place in bowl of stand mixer fitted with paddle. Add icing. Mix on medium-low until mixture can be clumped together in balls, 2 minutes. Form mixture into compact 1 1⁄2″ balls.
  3. In a heatproof bowl fitted over a pan of gently simmering water, melt white chocolate, stirring, until smooth. Remove from heat. Cool 15 minutes. Place coconut, pecans and wafer crumbs in three separate wide bowls.
  4. The next step is a 2-person job. Person 1: carefully dip 1⁄3 of cake balls in white chocolate. Gently roll in hands to coat evenly. Person 2: roll chocolate-coated cake balls in coconut. Repeat with 1⁄3 of cake balls using white chocolate and pecans.
  5. Melt semi-sweet chocolate. Cool 15 minutes. Repeat rolling process with remaining 1⁄3 cake balls and wafer crumbs.
  6. Store cake balls in airtight container in fridge up to 1 week.

Ashley Capp


House & Home November 2013