Canadian Raclette Recipe

Warmed semi-firm cheese on top of baguette or apple slices, pickles, prosciutto and other easy-to-eat accompaniments — perfect for a holiday or New Year's Eve party. Watch House & Home's food editor Amy Rosen demonstrate this recipe on our Online TV show.

2 lb. small new potatoes
1-1/2 lb. raclette cheese, sliced*
Sliced green, yellow, orange or red peppers
Olive oil for peppers
Slices of baguette, apples, gherkins and pickled onions, dried meats such as prosciutto and parma ham (as desired)
Freshly ground pepper to taste

* Emmental and Appenzeller cheese may also be used.


Step 1: Wash the potatoes and boil them in their skins in a pot of salted water, until a knife can glide through them; about 15-20 minutes. Slice potatoes in half. Add to a serving tray with other accompaniments.

Step 2: Place peppers and sliced cheese on the table beside the raclette cooker (which can be rented at a cheese shop).

Step 3: Lay small slices of cheese into the raclette dish and place under the grill to melt.

Step 4: Grill peppers and a bit of olive oil on the top tray.

Step 5: Have guests arrange an assortment of their favourite accompaniments in their own dish.

Step 6: When the cheese has melted, scrape on top of accompaniments. Grind fresh pepper on top.

Watch Amy Rosen demonstrate this recipe in Episode 50 of H&H Online TV.