Corso 32’s Chocolate Torta With Salty Hazelnuts Recipe

Chef Daniel Costa shares his decadent signature cake.


Vegetable oil, for preparing pan
1 1/4 lb Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate, chopped
2 1/2 cup whipping cream (35%), divided
1 large egg yolk

1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup water
1 1/2 tsp corn syrup
1 tbsp Diamond Crystal kosher salt
1 3/4 cups hazelnuts, roasted, peeled


Step 1: Brush a 9″ x 13″ baking pan with oil. Line with parchment paper.

Step 2: In a heatproof bowl fitted over pan of gently simmering water, melt chocolate with half of cream, stirring, until smooth. Remove from heat. Cool until lukewarm.

Step 3: Whip remaining cream until stiff peaks form. Stir yolk into chocolate mixture. Fold in whipped cream until combined. Pour into a prepared pan. Wrap pan in plastic wrap. Refrigerate at least 4 hours.

Step 4: In medium frying pan, heat sugar, water and corn syrup over medium heat. Cook, watching pan closely, until dark amber. Remove from heat. With wooden spoon, stir in salt followed by nuts. Stir until nuts are completely coated. Spread out on a parchment-lined baking tray to cool.

Step 5: To serve, cut torta with wet knife into desired pieces. Lightly crush nuts and sprinkle over top.

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