Ice Cream Shots Recipe

A spin on the elegant sorbets between courses at fancy dinner parties, these palate-cleansing ice cream shot glasses are perfect for entertaining.

2 1-1/2 cup cans frozen fruit drink or juice concentrate (your choice of flavour)
2 cups whipping cream


Step 1: Break up contents of fully frozen drink concentrate cans into food processor. (Do not use juice that has begun to thaw).

Step 2: Add whipping cream. Process briefly until well blended but still slushy. Immediately pour into shot glasses with a small funnel.

Step 3: Freeze several hours or overnight until firm.

Note: If you don’t have or can’t borrow enough shot glasses, try party rental companies and order a large batch for the night. Pick up demitasse spoons (commonly used for espresso drinks) to scoop the ice cream out of the tiny glasses.

Remember, you can use any flavour you find in the supermarket’s frozen concentrates section. Just follow the instructions above and experiment. You can stick with any frozen drink and the whipping cream, but it’s also fun to add other touches.

To help you get started, here are a few of our favourite flavour combos:

Apple pie à la mode: Tastes like fresh-baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top. Process frozen apple juice concentrate, whipping cream and 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon for each 1-1/2 cup can of frozen juice you use.

Creamy lemonade: A refreshing citrus tang. Process frozen lemonade concentrate (pink or plain) and whipping cream. Garnish with twists or chunks of candied lemon peel before serving.

Grapefruit-basil: A tart, sophisticated flavour. Process frozen grapefruit juice concentrate and whipping cream. Then stir in 2 tsp finely chopped basil for each 1-1/2 cup can of frozen juice you use. Avoid processing the herb since it will darken the mixture.

Peach-ginger: An easy-to-love, sweet and spicy taste. Process frozen peach drink concentrate, whipping cream, and 2 tsp of finely grated candied ginger for each 1-1/2 cup can of frozen juice. Also works with frozen orange juice concentrate.