Neopolitan Sandwiches Recipe

Recipe By:  Liza Hardoon
This recipe was created by Liza Hardoon, chef and owner of ToGo Food Bar and featured on House & Home TV 2004. These easy-to-make sandwiches are delicious, colourful appetizers.

3 oz. cream cheese
1 English cucumber, thinly sliced
Chopped egg filling (made with hard-boiled eggs, mayo, dry mustard, salt, pepper and splash of Worcestershire sauce)
2 oz. smoked salmon
Watercress, cleaned
Soft butter
8 slices of brown bread
4 slices of white bread


Step 1: On a piece of brown bread, spread a thin layer of cream cheese. Add 4 thin slices of cucumber and top with a layer of smoked salmon.

Step 2: On a piece of white bread, spread a thin layer of cream cheese and flip over to cover the layer of smoked salmon topping the brown bread.

Step 3: On the top side of the white bread spread a thin layer of butter, a generous pinch of watercress and a layer of chopped egg mixture. Top with a second piece of brown bread.

Step 4: Carefully cut off the edges with a serrated knife. Cut the sandwiches into three bars.


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