May 6, 2016

DIY: Fringe Shower Curtain

Pretty dressmaker details turn a ho-hum shower curtain haute couture in this DIY from senior editor Sally Armstrong.

What you’ll need:

Plain cotton shower curtain, 2 1⁄2 yd. fabric, scissors or pinking shears, a sewing machine and thread (measurements are for a standard 70″ x 72″ curtain).


Step 1: Sew On Valance

A few easy embellishments give a plain, inexpensive shower curtain a decorative boost. Begin by sewing an 8″-wide valance (hemmed along the top, bottom and sides) across the top of the curtain. Leave valance unstitched over top of each grommet, so shower curtain rings can still be fed through the holes, which will be hidden by the valance.

Step 2: Gather Fabric Into Frills

Using scissors or pinking shears, cut four strips of fabric that are each 3″ wide and 7′ long. Set the stitch size on your sewing machine to the longest possible length. In the center of each fabric strip, stitch two rows, 1⁄4″ apart, the full length of the strip. Working from both ends, gently pull each thread until the fabric gathers into a soft ruffle.

Step 3: Sew On Trim

Pin the ruffled fabric onto the shower curtain, spaced about 6″ apart. Sew them onto the shower curtain with one line of stitching down the center of each strip, then pull out the threads previously used to make the fabric into ruffles. (TIP: Use ribbon instead of fabric for a more tailored look.)

Author: Sally Armstrong

Angus Fergusson


Striped fabric, Designer Fabrics; sewing, Blinds, Drapes & Bedding.


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