January 25, 2016

Healthy Home Guide: 3 Tips To A Cleaner Kitchen

In our Healthy Home Guide, we share tips to make every room in your house cleaner, safer and better for you and your family.

The kitchen is one of the most hardworking homes in the house – and it’s filled with perishables, which makes it particularly prone to bacteria. Here are three ways you can make it a healthier place to hang out.

1. All sorts of germs can linger on kitchen counters, so consider using nonporous materials that don’t have any bacteria-harboring nooks. Take your cue from top chefs and go with hard-wearing stainless steel, or try quartz or solid surfaces for a less utilitarian look.

2. Did you know that copper naturally resists bacteria? Try cook’s tools made of the germ-fighting material.

3. Make washing up better for you with an all-natural soap and biodegradable loofah sponge. Not only is it easier on your hands, but you can rest easy knowing your food is kept far away from harmful chemicals.

Author: Stacy Lee Kong

Andrew Wood


J.R. Watkins Dish Soap, Target, $4US; Copper Utensils, Williams-Sonoma, $34


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