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November 6, 2015

Ask A Designer: Living Room Decor Ideas

Q: Hello. I am your follower on Instagram and I need your help with my living room. I need an idea on how to decorate the wall behind my navy sofa and beside the fireplace as well. What color do you suggest for pillows?

– Andreza Baise via email (To submit your own question, email us at [email protected]).

A: This is a nice room, but you need to add a bit more personality. A few suggestions to finish it off: place the plant in the corner on a high table, or get a tall tree like a Ficus and put it in a big woven basket so the plant fills the corner. You can also use the space for a tall open shelving unit for books or a display. Hire an electrician to bury those wires under the TV. You will just need to do a little patching and painting afterwards.

You are probably looking for the right coffee table. We suggest a round one, drum style, as you have alot of square angles in the room. The round shape will add interest.

For the old carpets, you may still use them if you hire a carpet cleaning company.

Your accent throw pillows can be any colors that go well with the dark blue and smoky grey tones that we see in your carpet. Saffron, Mustard, burnt orange, dark russet, or claret, would all look great on your sofa.

The wall behind the sofa is perfect for either one large piece of art, or a pair of tall vertical works that are meant to go together. If you are willing to take the time, hunt down a great collection of photos and small pieces of art by young artists that are not expensive. Get frames from IKEA, Crate and Barrel, Indigo, Pottery Barn, or West Elm to create a fabulous gallery wall or salon wall. If you need more info on creating a wall like this, here are some tips from our archives.

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