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October 31, 2014

Showing Off Your Art

Everyone loves a gallery wall, and for good reason: they show off favourite paintings, drawings and prints, adding a hit of personality to otherwise boring walls. Take inspiration from this pretty example in H&H editor-in-chief Suzanne Dimma’s Toronto home, where she and her husband, Arriz Hassam, expertly mixed metallic and wooden frames for a sophisticated yet eclectic look. Don’t be intimidated by your own assortment of images — a mix of styles looks great, as long as you follow a few simple rules to keep it all tied together.

1. Match shapes, not sizes. A mixed grid of different-sized artworks doesn’t have to look messy; in fact, symmetry can detract from your collection’s individuality. For a stylish and unique look, choose art of various styles and sizes, but keep the shape of the frames consistent, such as the rectangles shown above.

2. Stagger your frames. You don’t need to re-frame each piece of art for a uniform finish. As long as you choose frames in complementary tones and materials, your collection will still feel cohesive. If you do need to buy new frames, go for two or three different styles or colours and stagger them in a subtle pattern across the wall.

3. Watch your spacing. You don’t have to measure the exact spacing between artworks as long as the overall look is consistent. Test your spacing by stepping away from the wall to view the gallery as a whole. Two pieces should never hang far enough apart that they look like parts of separate collections; nor should they almost touch. As a general rule of thumb, a space of two to four inches between each frame looks clean and professional.

Author: Jennifer Koper & Amelia Nezil

Michael Graydon


Drape fabric, velvet pillow fabric, Designer Fabrics; grey pillow, Sabrina Linn; glass coffee table, Elte; large deep blue pillow, Constantine; seagrass rug, The Red Carpet & Rug Co.


House & Home November 2010 issue

Stylist: Suzanne Dimma