September 7, 2017

Gorgeous Backyard Ideas & End-Of-Summer Pool Maintenance Tips

Sleek Entertaining Zones and a Perfectly Maintained Pool Make Every Inch of Your Outdoor Space Count

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Extend your living space — and your outdoor enjoyment options — by making full use of your backyard. Incorporate these outdoor living trends into your yard now or start planning for next summer! Plus, get tips on closing up your pool for the cooler months.


Create a Cosy Outdoor Living Room

Set up a space to lounge with weather-resistant furniture. Here, a sectional and coffee table bring an indoor vibe to a poolside patio and offer plenty of space for entertaining. Colourful cushions provide a decorative touch and can easily be swapped out for a different look. As the summer season comes to an end, bring cushions indoors or store them in a shed to prevent winter wear. For outdoor furniture, use weather-resistant covers or bring pieces indoors to extend their lifespan.


Stay Cool With a Perfectly Maintained Pool

Bring resort style to your home with a pool that’s customized for your backyard. Whether you prefer modern, rectangular pools or curvy, free-flowing shapes, find a professional fiberglass pool builder that offers a variety of pool designs.

Already have one installed? Preserve the look of your pool by using quality equipment such as an automatic pool cleaner, UV disinfection system and a durable filter system, part of SIMA Canada’s collection of swimming pool supplies. And before the weather gets cooler, invest in a winter pool cover. Ensure the cover remains free of leaves, branches and anything else that may damage it.  You’ll also want to clear out filters and everything trapped in the skimmer basket, drain the water and remove any water from the pumps which according to experts from Mr. Steamer in Houston can cause damage to the infrastructure. Not sure how? Contact your nearest SIMA retailer for tips specific to your pool. No matter if your pool is in-ground or above ground, proper pool maintenance will save you costly equipment repairs.


Establish Distinct Dining and Outdoor Cooking Zones

Dining alfresco is always a summertime joy, but today the look is more sophisticated with indoor-style tables, table settings and even fireplaces and fully equipped outdoor kitchens. (Built-in barbecues and refrigerators really boost the indoor-outdoor lifestyle!) Bespoke backyards typically include separate zones for cooking, dining, lounging and swimming.


Strategically Place Low-Maintenance Greenery

Reduce the amount of time spent gardening by opting for in-ground perennials and saving annuals for planters. Here, multiple tall, grassy plants create the feeling of an outdoor room, while hedges offer privacy. Small waterfall elements gives the poolside spot a luxe touch.

Ready to transform your backyard into a serene oasis complete with a pool, or need help closing up your pool for winter? Contact SIMA for all the products you need, from in-ground and above-ground pools to all the maintenance supplies that will keep it looking great. You should also make sure to get Bonding Wire Around Pools for Electrical Safety to avoid electrical shocks and get your electrical wiring professionally done.