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Montauk’s New Furniture Collection Are Artful Additions to Your Home

Browse hand-blown glass chandeliers, African-inspired tables and more.

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Dining Room

How To Style Luxe Chairs In Your Family Home

Take a moment and look at the spaces in your home. Where do you spend the most time with your family? Whether you’re lounging in the living room for a movie night or soaking up the sun in your own outdoor oasis, the perfect chair is the one piece that…

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DIY: Two-Tone Chair

Use paint to transform a basic chair into a fun style statement. You’ll need a wood chair, painter’s tape, two contrasting paint colors, a paint brush, and sandpaper. 1. Prep for painting. Go over your chair with fine sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges. 2. Choose the palette. Watery…


What’s An Ant Chair?

Surprising answers about an iconic design.

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In The Round Furniture Set-Up

Forgo sofa seating for something more social.

Best Paint Colors

DIY Dotted Metal Chair

Give an old chair a fashion-inspired makeover!

DIY Projects

DIY Distressed Wood Chair

Transform furniture with varnish stripper.

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More Of Lynda’s Favourite Things

Get flooring and furniture picks.

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Living Room Tips

Design editor Cameron MacNeil offers living room decorating and furniture ideas to help reader Julie from Gatineau, Que. update her space. Submit your own photos and questions to our [Ask A Designer™][1] section. [1]:…

Best Paint Colors

DIY Chair Makeover

How to create a statement chair on a tight budget.