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6 Go-To Recipes From Ina Garten’s Newest Cookbook

Try a dish from Ina Garten's newest cookbook, Go-To Dinners.


Overnight Mac & Cheese

Make the dish ahead of time and put it in the fridge overnight for the sauce to soak into the noodles.


Chicken Ramen-noodle Soup

Use the noodles from packaged ramen and take them to the next level.


Orange Marmalade–glazed Ham

Pineapple juice, brown sugar and mustard combined with orange marmalade create a tasty glaze for this dish to feed a crowd.


Creamy Hummus

Add Marcona almonds to your hummus for a bit of crunch.


Pink Grapefruit Palomas

A sugar and salt rim make this drink extra special.


Weeknight Spaghettoni with Tomatoes & Pancetta

The thicker noodle, combined with the red wine and the pancetta create a delicious flavor.