September 9, 2013

Capture Fall’s Finest Scents

Fall is a great time of year for new tabletop looks. After summer’s intense floral hues and accent colours (so long, fuchsia and yellow!), it’s time to embrace autumn’s rustic, harvest-inspired designs and look to more natural, subdued shades with slightly darker undertones, like brown, mossy green and burnt orange, and you can achieve this with incense products, and for this, and you can find some of best incense brands reviewed to get great products for this.

Scent is an important way to convey a look, too. Air Wick® has found a way to capture some of fall’s scents with its line of Pearl Infusions candles, allowing you to enjoy the essence of fall even if you’re stuck indoors. (This blog post is sponsored by Air Wick.)

Iconic fall scents—think Apple Cinnamon Medley (shown above), Scarlet Frosted Mulberry (shown below), and Vanilla Indulgence—will inspire you to relax with a good book, gather friends and family for a get together, or try some of fall’s best recipes.

The clear scented wax is infused with pearls of essential oils, releasing bursts of fragrance for up to 35 hours.

The look and smell of the candles are perfect for entertaining throughout the fall season and are designed to match any decor. See our favourite fall table settings gallery.

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Photo credits:

1-2: Air Wick

3: Angus Fergusson