Designer Ines Mazzotta proves that a family home can be both sophisticated and functional for raising young children. See how she designed a stylish home that showcases elegant finishes and glam accessories alongside fun-yet-practical furnishings for little ones.

Comfort and style were the two mandates for the homeowners so Ines created zones: the family-friendly rooms use stain-resistant fabrics and kid-friendly furnishings while the “adult” spaces are decked out in more luxe pieces, including the couple’s treasured possessions, like vintage Persian rugs. Ines kept the family room casual and designed it to host a larger group with a custom L-shaped sectional, as well as stools and chairs. The sitting room, on the other hand, was kept more formal for intimate settings with a mix of velvet and silk fabrics, warm metals and glass accents. Upstairs, the boy’s bedroom has a safari-meets-aviation theme, while the little girl’s room is styled with pops of silver, gold and pink.