Learn how to make the DIY: Spiky Stars featured in our November 2015 issue! They make for impressive gift toppers – and they can double as ornaments, too. Here’s how to make it:


You’ll need the template, 10 pieces of square cardstock, scissors, ruler, chopstick or sharp pencil, needle, thread, rubber band, glue.


Step 1: Print the template onto each piece of cardstock.

Step 2: Cut out the circles, then in each one, cut eight evenly spaced slits toward
the middle, stopping about 1⁄2″ from the centre point.

Step 3: Wrap each section around a chopstick or sharp pencil, curling each tab into a cone shape. Secure the tip of each cone with a dot of glue. Your circle will now look like a star with eight cone-shaped points.

Step 4: Cut two small squares from a wide rubber band. These will prevent your ball from coming apart later. Using your needle and thread, string the other piece of the rubber band onto the end of the thread. Tie a knot to secure it and set aside.

Step 5: Stack five stars together, flat side down. Using the needle, string the stack through the centre point onto your thread until it touches the rubber band square.

Step 6: Stack the remaining stars together, flat sides up, and thread them onto the first stack.

Step 7: Thread the second piece of rubber band onto the top of the stack.

Step 8: Using your chopstick or pencil, push down on the rubber band to compress the stars into a ball while pulling on the string with your other hand. Trim the thread (if using as a topper) or tie a loop in the thread if you’d like to hang it.

Step 9: Adjust the cones as needed.