We took an awkward-shaped spare room with sloped ceilings and turned it into the ultimate nursery, filled with fresh and fun decorating ideas.

H&H stylist Reiko Caron chose a practical and stylish Stokke crib that will grow with a child from their baby through toddler years. A matching cradle fits into the crib and can move from room-to-room as needed. A yellow sleeper sofa turns the room into a guest bedroom, too. Freestanding bookshelves offer storage for books and toys, and a custom radiator cover offers both space for display and safety. Reiko skipped painting this rental home and instead brought in colour and pattern by layering rugs over the existing carpet and choosing bold pillows and upholstery fabrics. Instead of a store-bought change table, Reiko topped a vintage dresser with a cushion for an easy DIY. Now the odd nooks have purpose, and the brick accent wall is the perfect background for a reading nook, complete with a chic rocking chair that can move to the living room later.