For singer-songwriter Alessia De Gasperis Brigante, professionally known as Kai, her home is a place to relax and recharge when she isn’t recording or on the road. See how designer Sabrina Albanese created a hip, personality-filled space with globally-inspired style for the star in this best of H&H TV episode.

Alessia’s love for Japanese motifs was a huge influence on the design. Sabrina mixed exotic prints and eclectic accessories with Scandinavian-style pieces for a modern bohemian look. An heirloom geisha sits in the living room, while a neon light looks on-trend in the dining room. Sabrina kept many of the walls in the space neutral, but added statement wallpaper in bright colors to various nooks. Alessia’s favorite place is her writing studio, where a green and gold color palette offers a casual, relaxing vibe.