Take a peek into the Spring 2020 Princess Margaret Home Lottery Showhome in King City, Ontario, designed by Sarah Baeumler. Order tickets now for your chance to win this Showhome, part of the $6.8 Million Grand Prize.

This impressive abode is inspired by Mother Nature, with natural accents and a tranquil flow throughout. Every part of this home, from the expansive living room to the serene dining room and the moody library feels purposeful and elegant. Functionality is key thanks to Sarah’s hidden features (like integrated appliances and multi-use furniture) that ensure every occasion, from family dinner to entertaining guests, runs smoothly. Each space has its own distinct personality, but everything about this main floor flows seamlessly with intentional design and luxurious style!

Note: At this time the showhouse will not be open for tours.

Be sure to also tour the tranquil second floor. Starting April 6, you can see more of the home when you download House & Home’s May digital issue FREE on the App Store!

Presented by Princess Margaret Home Lottery.