Follow a top-to-bottom home reno with designer Samantha Sacks — her room-by-room makeovers are filled with smart ideas to steal!

Before the reno, designer Samantha Sacks describes the Tudor-style house as being “decrepit and dilapidated”, but with a little work, she turns this outdated home into a modern, family-friendly abode! Samantha keeps the overall palette of the house simple – white walls complimented by hits of colour. In the kitchen, the natural wood from the table and cabinet doors add warmth to the space’s coolness. In the ensuite, the clean design of the vanity and bathtub are a nice compliment to the intricate, colourful marble mosaic on the floor. Despite adding her designer’s touch to the whole house, Samantha stays true to the uniqueness of the house by keeping the original staircase, fireplaces and wooden window trim in the dining room. By mixing these antiques touches with her modern, simple designs, the house keeps its character but is functional for the whole family.