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DIY: Elegant Gift Wrap

This is a super simple yet beautifully elegant wrap. You create bundles by wrapping any gift in either tissue or a remnant of solid-colored fabric. What you’ll need: Silk organza fabric Fabric remnants or tissue paper in complementary hue Tape Scissors Leather laces Kraft paper tags Bubble wrap and fabric…

Christmas Crackers

DIY: Custom Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers the best because they make great table decorations and you can personalize them by filling them with wonderful treats. You can either use store-bought ones and just swap out the contents, or you can make your own. What you’ll need: Sheets of kraft paper and gold-colored paper (12″…

Advent Calendar

DIY: Flower Tree Advent Calendar

A fun way to count down the days before the 25th, advent calendars can also be a stylish decorating move. Whether they’re handmade or store-bought, they bring a merry mood to your space. This DIY version is equally elegant and artful! What you’ll need: Magnolia branch (or similar) Rocks Vessel…


How To Wallpaper Your Closet

H&H features editor Wendy Jacob shares her small closet makeover.  I’ve read enough Marie Kondo to know it’s not long before the stuff you own starts to own you. I wanted to do more than purge my closet: it needed some love. Since designers always make a…

Decorating & Design

Bring Character To Your Kitchen With This DIY Instant Stamp Artwork

H&H’s Stacey Smithers enlarges a photo of a vintage porcelain stamp for instant DIY art.

Decorating & Design

Is Patterned Velvet The New Wallpaper?

Joel Bray shares how to upholster walls in velvet for a luxurious take on wallpaper. Upholstered walls, including velvet, have been taking interiors to the next level for centuries. This luxurious look can be difficult to DIY if wrapping an entire room, but applying fabric to the upper portion…

Christmas Crackers

DIY: Custom Christmas Crackers

Craft some celebratory crackers to suit your home’s palette. Placing them casually in a bowl lets guests choose the cracker that speaks to them the most. You’ll need sheets of scrapbooking paper (12″ x 12″), wrapping paper (for contrasting overlay), cardstock (for template), cardboard tubes, scissors, tape or a…


DIY: Dried Orange Holiday Garland & Ornaments

Dried orange slices deck the halls in Graham Kechnie and Andraya Frith’s old stone house in Hastings County, Ontario. Andraya uses the fruit to make ornaments for her Douglas fir and a garland for her master bedroom fireplace. Learn how to craft the two holiday decorations below, and see inside…


DIY: Natural Christmas Wreaths

Let winter’s harvest inspire your Christmas decorations this year, as Graham Kechnie and Andraya Frith, owners of an old stone house in Hastings County, Ontario, do. “I like a natural look, and nothing I could add is better than the view,” says Andraya. Learn how she crafted this homemade wreath out…


Get Tiffany Pratt’s Top Tips On Decorating With Color

H&H‘s Adena Leigh chats with Tiffany Pratt on finding your signature palette, DIY projects and her new line of spray paint. While most of us live in a world of neutrals, designer, stylist and HGTV personality Tiffany Pratt’s love of color is palpable. Recognizable by her kaleidoscopic hair and vibrant spirit, Tiffany boldly…

Decorating & Design

Bring New Life To Windows With This Whimsical DIY

Spruce up a standard roller blind by covering it with pretty fabric, and echo the pattern on your drapes. Get step-by-step instructions below! Choose a fabric with an isolated pattern, which will make it easier to cut out the motifs for the drapes. Fully extend the blind and measure its…

Decorating & Design

How To Paint A Checkerboard Floor

This clever paint job creates a classic bistro look underfoot, no renovation required. Materials: Semigloss or latex paint, triangle and straight-edge rulers, chalk or painter’s tape and a small sponge roller. Step 1: Select two complementary shades of paint. We used medium grey and white for an update on classic black and white…


DIY: Spring Mural Template

Click here to download the template for the DIY Mural in our May 2017 issue on page 118. Print it in your desired size, depending on how large or small you’d like the mural to be (then draw the tulips freehand). Find our Spring Decorating issue with the full tutorial…

Decorating & Design

DIY: Holiday Card Display

Here’s a unique way to display seasonal cards: Find a piece of driftwood or a fallen branch, then tie both ends of a thick piece of cotton cord to either end of the wood so you’ll be able to hang it on the wall. (Make sure you do this before…

Art Display

Design Hack: Blackboard Canvas

High-impact art that changes at a whim, for a fraction of the cost of an original? Yes please. The solution is easy: just coat a framed canvas, available at art stores, with blackboard paint and start drawing (or let the kids loose). It’s a quirky, family-friendly and inexpensive way to…