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Vote For House & Home’s Best Living Room Of 2018!

Which one would make you angle for an invitation?

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Inside A Gallery Director’s Eclectic Living Room

Gallery director Gaëtane Verna tells us why this is her favorite room.  “My family and I moved into this rental house in 2012, when we came to Toronto from Quebec and I became the director of The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. It was already painted, and I really liked the…


This Budget-Friendly Fireplace Makeover Delivers Vintage Charm In Spades

Get an inside look at the design process.

Living Rooms

Inside The Bold Blue Den Of Society Columnist Amoryn Engel

Society columnist Amoryn Engel tells us why this is her favorite room.  “I could cry I love this room so much. I’ve spent so many wonderful hours by the fire with my husband, Kevin, and our two boys, Harrison and William; there’s something so cozy and magical about it. This is…

Living Rooms

This Classic Sofa Will Never Go Out Of Style

Find out why the English roll arm sofa has timeless appeal.

Living Rooms

Vote For The Best House & Home Living Room Of 2017!

Which one would you want to call your own?

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Ask A Designer: What’s The Right Sofa For You?

H&H's Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper offer expert advice on choosing the right sofa for your home and lifestyle.

Living Rooms

Style Your Rooms With Rugs!

Swapping out affordable rugs and accessories gives one living room six different looks.

Living Rooms

30 Sofas That Prove Color Is What Your Living Room Is Missing

Give your space a dose of drama and personality with sofas in every color of the rainbow.

Living Rooms

Find Out What Type Of Sofa Is Trending Around The Web

Discover what's capturing the hearts of designers, bloggers and everyone in between.

Living Rooms

Designer Tips: How To Buy A Sofa, Part Three

Assistant design editor Jennifer Koper shares expert advice on shopping for sofas. Now that you have a grasp of the styles you like, and the basics of quality, it’s time to figure out how your favorite sofas would work in your home. At this point, you can…

Living Rooms

15+ Living Rooms Perfect For Relaxed Entertaining

Entertaining season is upon us, which means our living rooms are about to get a ton of attention. It’s where we host guests for cocktails, spend leisurely afternoons with loved ones, and unwind after extravagant holiday meals. If you’re looking to give your living room a facelift, here are 18 spaces that will inspire you to take yours to…

Living Rooms

Designer Tips: How To Buy A Sofa, Part Two

Assistant design editor Jennifer Koper shares expert advice on shopping for sofas.  Now that you’ve decided what style of sofa you want, it’s time to think about quality. How a sofa is made directly impacts its longevity. If you’re looking to invest in a sofa that has staying…

Living Rooms

Designer Tips: How To Buy A Sofa, Part One

Assistant design editor Jennifer Koper shares expert advice on shopping for sofas.  After I finished studying interior design, and before I joined the team at H&H, I spent some time managing a furniture showroom. It was there where I learned how difficult finding that perfect sofa…

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Updated Classics: Statement Drapes

Discover fresh alternatives to popular design trends in our online series, Updated Classics. Classic Pick: In this elegant dining room designed by Katherine Newman, pastel tinted striped sheers offer a hit of glamor. The delicate drapes are a subtle way to accent the glassware’s ice cream palette. Fresh…