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November 22, 2016

5 Stylish Family Photo Display Ideas

Technology has made it easy for us to capture cherished moments with our loved ones. Keep these happy memories on display by incorporating them into your decor in creative ways that go beyond the simple stand-up frame. Here are five stylish display ideas to feature your favorite photographs at home.


1. Create a photo board. This simple, streamlined bulletin board takes on the appearance of an Instagram feed, and allows for numerous photos to be displayed without cluttering up the wall. To learn how to make your own photo board, click here.


2. Go free-form. In this kitchen, a randomly arranged collection of family photos are displayed on a distressed sliding door. As well as breaking up the kitchen’s more linear elements, the photos also inject color into an otherwise neutral space.


3. Mix them into a mood board. In this kitchen, a few favorite snaps are mixed in among other fun pieces, including a homemade birthday card and a colorful art collection. A mood board can be a particularly fun option for children, who can hang some of their favorite drawings alongside photos.


4. Create an evolving art gallery. In this minimalist bedroom, photographs stuck on the wall add interest and can easily be changed up with newer snaps. Use Japanese washi tape so that the paint finish won’t get damaged.


5. Build a black and white gallery wall. This lends your space an air of uniformity and elegance. In this basement, frames of different sizes and thickness add flair without overwhelming the design. Displaying these photos in a functional area of the home, such as a desk or work area, can help personalize the space.

Author: Amanda Tucci

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