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5 Stylish Family Photo Display Ideas

Technology has made it easy for us to capture cherished moments with our loved ones. Keep these happy memories on display by incorporating them into your decor in creative ways that go beyond the simple stand-up frame. Here are five stylish display ideas to feature your favorite photographs at home. 1. Create a photo board. This…

Kids' Rooms

Photo Gallery: Trendy Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

For design-forward bedrooms they'll love.

Decorating & Design

Mod Shelving Unit

A combination of open and closed storage.

Decorating & Design

Repurpose The Top Of Your China Cabinet

Use the top of your hutch as a solo cabinet.

Decorating & Design

Vintage Nightstand Vignette

A bedside arrangement with character.

DIY Projects

DIY Pegboard Display Project

Make stylish storage for jewelry.

DIY Projects

One Tray Four Ways

Ideas for chic display.

DIY Projects

DIY Vintage Message Board

How to display cards in a creative way.

Best Paint Colors

Book Styling Tricks

Lynda Reeves on the art of display.

Best Paint Colors

DIY Herringbone Tray

See Reiko Caron's step-by-step instructions.

Dining Room

Michael Penney’s Dining Room Makeover

Create vignettes with Indigo accessories.

Decorating & Design

Stunning Bookshelves

Drawing inspiration from unstyled bookshelves.

DIY Projects

3 Easy DIY Projects

Brought to you by The National Home Show

Decorating & Design

Soup Can Lighting

Kimberley Brown on art-inspired lighting.

Decorating & Design

Motivational Posters

New prints, different sayings.