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January 4, 2011

Antiquing In America

I spent the holidays in my hometown of Wheeling, West Virginia with my family. I love going home to shop for the obvious reasons — hello, Target! Pronounced tar-zhay, of course — and to see if I can stumble upon any one of a kind finds in the local shops and galleries.

It was the day after Christmas in a country that doesn’t celebrate Boxing Day, so my little sister Jaclyn and I found ourselves at Shuggy’s to get our shopping fix. Shuggy’s is an antique jewelry and collectible shop that I didn’t even know existed until Jaclyn told me about it.

You’ll have to excuse the quality of these photographs; I tried to stealthily take a few shots while in the store. This place was filled with beautiful glassware, eclectic knickknacks, and vintage jewelry.

Wheeling was part of a major glass production industry beginning back in the early 1800s, which is why there is still such an abundance of glassware in the area. I did some thrifting later that afternoon and found some gorgeous milk glass hobnail vases for a price so low that they were practically free! This blue collection of glassware was my favourite find of the day — the colour is so intense and the detailing is gorgeous.

While I was fixated on the tableware, Jaclyn spent the whole time perusing the vintage jewelry collection. If you’re ever stumped for a one of a kind gift, why not find a lovely vintage bracelet? I’m pretty sure H&M is selling the same styles anyhow!

Here’s another shot of some holiday appropriate glassware, but I took this shot because of the shelving unit. I’m loving bronze these days. Wouldn’t this make a great cocktail bar? Perfect for displaying your glassware, but with plenty of storage for your bottles, trays, etc. I’m pretty sure this unit wasn’t for sale, but I can promise you that on my next trip to Wheeling, I’ll be making a stop into Shuggy’s and making an offer on this find.

Photo credits:
1-4. Kathryn Bala