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February 9, 2011

Antiques Hot Spot

I’m currently working on a decorating story for the May 2011 issue of House & Home that requires one-of-a-kind antique furniture pieces. When it comes to this type of task, many of us here at the magazine jump at the chance to visit 507 Antiques in Toronto.

For those who live in the GTA and have never been before, it’s something you must experience. Imagine the contents of countless 18th and 19th century European estates unloaded into one 35,000-square-foot showroom. There are case goods piled high to the ceiling, portraits of nobles, endless chairs of all shapes and sizes, hundreds of chandeliers, and upholstered pieces that look better than the day they were made. It’s more than just a shopping experience; you feel as if you’re actually digging through treasure!

Now, I should warn you: 507 is a very high-end antique dealer, so don’t expect to find a bargain. But, if you’re interested in something incredibly rare and unique, this is where you will find it.

507 is open to the public, but by appointment only.

With its abundance of incredible antiques, the 507 showroom is not organized like a typical store. Instead of aisles, shoppers weave in amongst the beautiful things.

This settee and small chair are gorgeous as is with their natural muslin, or excellent candidates for reupholstering. I’d prefer to keep them exactly the way they are!

The original fabric on this bench couldn’t be more trendy and current!

I love this demilune table and the unframed art tucked in behind. I think I might actually use this piece in the May story!

507 doesn’t just carry furniture — they also have smaller rooms full of tabletop items and accessories.

Keep an eye out for this antiques story in our May 2011 issue!

For more inspiration on how to incorporate antiques in your space, tour former antiques dealer Alan de la Vigne’s 1830s home.

Photo credits:
1-5. Joel Bray