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August 5, 2011

Decorative Cookies

Cookies!!! Yes, the sugar is still coursing through our veins since Marian from Sweetopia delivered some of her delicious sugar and gingerbread cookies to the H&H office. Marian would never call herself a pro, but her baking and decorating skills say otherwise. As an avid food blog reader, I had already been following her Sweetopia blog, so you can imagine my excitement when I got my hands on some of her treats.

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Here are a few shots of what the H&H girls and I devoured:

Let’s begin with her sugar cookies. Buttery, thick and lightly crumbly, these were bliss. The thick layer of royal icing makes these cookies extra sweet — perfect for those with a serious sweet tooth. Marian’s royal icing skills can be seen on the round cookie’s delicate grid pattern — I can’t even draw a line this straight with a pen! Her blog has a whole section on cookie decorating tips, so maybe I’ll try making these myself!

This shot shows you how intricate some of these designs can get. And you may not notice in this photo, but the teapot cookie is the size of a small plate — perfect for sharing. If you’re a die-hard cookie decorator, you can get fancy with edible ink images, which is how Marian achieved the floral details on the teapot and cup.

This box was filled with fresh Christmas gingerbreads. This is a recipe you’ll want to try if you like a thick chewy gingerbread loaded with fragrant spices.

This photo from her blog shows that any theme goes. Don’t let cookie cutter shapes limit your creativity — a round cookie is the perfect base for any icing decoration. These nautical-themed snacks are perfectly on-trend with our Cape Cod gallery. Cape Cod-themed backyard party, anyone?

For those of you looking for baking and decorating tools, most specialty baking stores sell them, but I recently found out that DeSerres offers a range of cake decorating tools, and with several locations across Canada, you know where I’ll be during my lunch break.

If you’re all about baking sweets, you’ll find more recipes and information about cupcakes, cakes and gingerbread houses on Sweetopia. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to finish up these cookies before the rest of the office sees them.

Love frosted cookies? So does Suzanne Dimma! See her favourite recipe here.

And for more delicious cookie recipes, search our food section.

Photo credits:
1-3. Leslie Williams
4. Sweetopia