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April 23, 2012

Desert Nomad House

Unless you have a penchant for heat, snakes and cactus pruning, living in a desert might seem like a daunting idea. But this $875,000 two-bedroom, 1,500-square-foot abode makes moving to the desert seem desirable. For starters, it’s just on the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona — not in a remote part of the Sahara. And, with its elegant, maple-panelled interiors and wall-to-wall windows, it’s undeniably luxurious.

When the house was first constructed in 2005, it’s critically-acclaimed architect, Rick Joy, described his creation as an “art piece.” It’s easy to see why: the series of weathering steel boxes dotting a cactus-filled site creates a very sculptural effect.

To keep the focus on the other-worldly desert view, the palette was kept simple, but because the floors, walls and ceiling are all maple, the place still feels quite warm.

The bedroom faces south-west for beautiful sunset views. Thankfully, the house is in the middle of a sprawling, 4.46-acre site, so there’s no chance of nosy neighbours peeking in.

For more information on the house, contact Crosby Doe Associates.

Photo Credits:
1-3. Crosby Doe Associates, photography by Liam Frederick