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November 30, 2012

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Alternative

Christmas tree skirts have old-fashioned charm, but can make watering difficult. This year, I decided it was time for a more modern take on under-the-tree trimmings. A tree basket is simple to make, provides easy access to the tree’s base and lends subtle natural texture that contrasts with twinklier holiday decorations. Here’s how to create your own:

Materials and Tools

  • Tree stand
  • Large basket
  • Sharp pruning shears
  • Clear silicone

Step 1: Pick a basket

Choose a sturdy basket that’s large enough to cover your tree stand. Measure the widest part of the stand and find a basket whose narrowest part is slightly wider, leaving some extra space between stand and basket so you can adjust the stand. Pick a basket in a material and colour that match your decor (or spray-paint it in a coordinating shade), and note that baskets with finer weaves will be easier to cut.

Step 2: Cut out the base

Use sharp pruning shears to snip out the bottom of the basket (see above). Avoid cutting the seam between the bottom and sides of the basket, which keeps it from falling apart. Smooth over any rough edges with a few beads of clear silicone.

Step 3: Put up the tree

Flip the basket over and place the tree stand inside (the cut side of the basket will be at the top). Position the basket and stand in the spot where you want your tree, then insert the tree into the stand and secure it. The branches at the bottom of my tree were full enough to conceal the cut edge of the basket; if needed, cover it with a piece of coordinating fabric.

Tree, Sheridan Nurseries; basket, Bacon Basketware; ribbon, Masterstroke Canada; glass bottles, throw, Hollace Cluny; artwork by Gordon Runge, Burnett; shears, Fiskars.

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