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March 6, 2014

DIY Recycling Bin Basket Storage

Many kitchens don’t have the cupboard space for large recycling bins. But out in the open, they can look a bit utilitarian, so I gave my bins a quick and easy makeover with baskets.

Materials & Tools:

  • Plastic recycling or trash bins
  • Large baskets

Step 1: Measure the plastic bins with the lids on, so you know how big your baskets need to be. Add 1?2″ to each dimension to ensure the bins can be removed later.

Step 2: Pick baskets that are the same shape as your bins. It’s all right if the baskets are a bit taller — they will hide the bins that much better. I picked ones with handles, so it’s easy to move them around the kitchen and haul them outside. (Alternatively, you could buy the baskets first and then shop for suitable bins to fit inside.)

Step 3: Place the bins in the baskets and enjoy. 

Bins, Ikea; market baskets, Bacon Basketware.

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Author: Reiko Caron

Alex Lukey


House & Home March 2014 issue