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December 10, 2015

Easy DIY: Paper Cone Party Favors

Fill cones with candy and keep them on a tray by the front door to give to guests as they leave.


You’ll need heavy paper such as wallpaper or construction paper, scissors, ruler, pencil, roll-on permanent glue tape or double-sided tape, decorative sticker seals, and gum drops or other candy.

  1. Measure and mark paper, then cut into 7″ squares. Place paper square flat on work surface on diagonal with right side down.
  2. Roll into thirds. Start by bringing the lower right edge toward the center.
  3. Apply glue tape along the lower left edge.
  4. Roll the lower left edge over to form cone and press down along top of glued edge to secure.
  5. Fill cone with candy.
  6. Apply glue tape along underside of top point.
  7. Fold top point down to close cone. Press to seal glue.
  8. Add decorative sticker seal to finish.

Donna Griffith


House & Home December 2013


Margot Austin