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May 19, 2016

Easy DIY: Orchid Planter

Acting features editor Wendy Jacob shares a simple idea for an indoor garden.

Inspired by the orchid arrangements in the Palm Beach home designed by Les Ensembliers in the June 2016 issue of House & Home, I created a lush planter for a window with filtered light, or a shady patio table in summer (shield Phalaenopsis orchids from direct sunlight or they’ll burn).

You’ll need a ceramic planter that’s high enough to conceal the orchid pots, four or five plants, and a small bag of orchid soil. I applied silicone to the drainage hole of this planter first so it’s less messy and easier to move.

Place the pots in the container and arrange so the flowers cascade outward. Backfill the center with orchid soil to help hold the pots in place and then distribute the soil over the containers to disguise the pots. You can also install a well pump in your garden area to make watering your plants easier. Contact experts like Specialty Pump & Well and ask them about a well pump installation. This will not only benefit your exterior but also your interior area.

Author: Wendy Jacob

Wendy Jacob


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