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March 29, 2016

Easy DIY: Succulent Planter

H&H stylist Reiko Caron shares how to make an indoor succulent planter just in time for spring. 

Reiko-Caron-featuredimg-NEWWhen the calendar strikes spring, I like to bring a bit of greenery indoors to celebrate the the season until the weather catches up. This year, I decided to make a succulent planter for my office. The foliage is low-maintenance and perfect for the workplace, where busy days shooting H&H TV mean little time to care for them. Learn how to make one yourself with my easy step-by-step instructions.

You’ll need: a mix of cacti and succulents, a plant vessel (make sure it doesn’t have a drain hole), soil, stones, moss, gardening gloves, water mister.

Step 1: Layering the right organic materials in your vessel is key for proper drainage. Start off with a layer of small stones. Next, cover the stones with moss and flatten gently to form a filter layer.

Step 2: Pour soil over the moss, enough to cover your plants’ root balls completely.

diy succulent planter

Step 3: Put on your gardening gloves – these will prevent getting pricked by the cacti. Dig a hole in the soil with your fingers, big enough to fit your plants. Pull your plants out of their original pot, tease out the roots (gently!) and place in dirt hole. Press the soil down around the plant to gently secure it into it’s new vessel. Continue doing this with all your plants until you’ve filled the container. When done, water your terrarium with a mister.

Step 4: Place your new arrangement near a window and enjoy!

Author: Reiko Caron