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February 13, 2015

Embracing Furniture Without Closed Storage

Sometimes getting a furniture piece loaded with drawers and cubbies is tempting — think of all of the storage potential! But before you put practical storage pieces all over the house, think about whether or not you really need the storage. Sometimes we choose a piece of furniture for its amazing storage capacity and then end up crowding every drawer with odds and ends that we don’t really need. Sound familiar?

Here are some inspirational reasons to trade a clutter-filled catch-all for an airy and simple piece.

1. A fresh look. There’s something about a piece of furniture that has a bold, simple shape and sculptural appeal that makes a statement. It can have the same effect as adding a piece of art to your space. Cupboards and chests have a place in our lives — and we certainly need storage in some areas of the home — but swapping one heavy piece for a simpler or lighter piece can immediately give the whole space a fresh look.

2. Floor space. The more floor space that you see in a room, the larger the room feels. That’s why chairs and sofas with taller legs are great for small spaces, because your eye follows the floor that continues underneath the furniture and the room feels more expansive. Swapping out a heavy storage piece for something leggy can add precious “perceived space” to your room.

3. Storage for extra seating. A sleek Parsons-style table like the one shown above adds another type of “storage potential” to your space: seating potential. Instead of storing bits and pieces in drawers, you can slide a beautiful bench or a pair of stools underneath that can be used as extra seating on a whim. This look is still tidy and uncluttered, but adds a whole level of additional functionality.

Author: Jennifer Koper & Gwen Matsell

Jean Longpré


Vases, Fleur de Juin; artwork, Escaliers by Martin Girard, Jean-François Gratton, Jean-François Lemire and Pierre Manning.


House & Home October 2012 issue


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