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January 9, 2018

Why We’re Embracing Imperfection In 2018

While we love a clean, polished look in design, there’s just something about spaces that aren’t afraid of a little imperfection. Cue wabi-sabi, an ancient Japanese concept centered on impermanence and imperfection in beauty, which is Etsy’s top home decor trend for 2018.

With an emphasis on organic materials, softly textured fabrics, and natural shapes, this concept is all about embracing authenticity — think hand-made ceramics, wrinkled linen sheets, and gently gnarled wood. Here are a few products to help you get the look at home.

Whistler nesting set by GolemDesigns 

Stonewashed linen napkins by MGMaison

Handmade ceramic and driftwood spoons by KanesDriftwoodStudio

Author: Sabina Sohail