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September 8, 2011

Follow Us On Pinterest!

If you’re not already on Pinterest, that cornucopia of visual delights, you must, must, must start an account today. And, of course, follow House & Home’s boards!

Some of the accounts we’re enjoying following are below. There are simply too many people to list, so follow everyone we’re following. And tell us, who do you love following and repinning? Share in the comments!

Sfgirlbybay, of the blog of the same name, has some gorgeous photos.

You’ve got to love Uncle Beefy’s eclectic choices.

Joy Cho of the Oh Joy! blog has impeccable taste.

Our senior designer, Jenn Lawrence, has a great eye for style as well.

Love H&H’s creative associate Reiko Caron’s picks, too!

So, who are you following on Pinterest?

Photo credits:
1. Vogue Living Australia, as seen on Dress Design Decor, pinned up by sfgirlbybay* on Pinterest
2. Whiskey Soaked Cherries Tumblr, as seen on papernstitch, pinned up by Uncle Beefy on Pinterest
3. Lovinglygaze Tumblr, as seen on Ne Plus Ultra Tumblr, pinned up by Joy Cho on Pinterest
4. Da-i-net Tumblr, as seen on Modern Hepburn Tumblr, pinned up by Jenn Lawrence on Pinterest
5. Mrs. John L. Strong Fine Stationery, as seen on Lonny, pinned up by Reiko Caron on Pinterest