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February 15, 2013

Hermès Gets Sporty This Spring

Sporty isn’t the first adjective that comes to mind when describing Hermès, but the luxury fashion house actually got its start in the 19th century as a harness and bridle workshop — serving noblemen on the Grands Boulevards of Paris, of course.

This season, the brand is returning to its roots with a stylish new campaign, The Sporting Life. The new aesthetic celebrates “Chic le Sport” — white tennis outfits accessorized with Birkin bags come to mind — with a fun, colourful new porcelain collection, Rally 24, available in stores this May.

The new tableware re-imagines the classic chain d’ancre design as a race car track, in glossy grey, yellow, green, red, blue and black, resembling a car’s paintwork. Lucky for you, we have an exclusive sneak peek of the line in this playful new video. My verdict: when it comes to the style game, Hermès is on a winning streak.

Video courtesy of Hermès.