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October 19, 2012

Swedish Design Showcase

I headed over to Toronto’s Distillery District this past Wednesday to check out the best in Swedish design and cuisine — there’s a lot more to it than minimalism and meatballs! The Swedish Board of Trade and the Embassy of Sweden hosted design industry guests for a lovely luncheon at The Boiler House, where we had a chance to see just what those gorgeous Swedes had to offer (I was daydreaming about how I would decorate the room for my wedding the whole time and I’m not even engaged — what a gorgeous space!)

Guests mingled in the rustic, industrial room. I’ve made a mental note to go back there for dinner soon!

Swedish Ambassador Teppo Tauriainen and Sweden’s “Wild Chef”, Erik Brännström, whip up some Arctic char soup with Scandinavian seafood and whitefish roe in the state-of-the-art Electrolux kitchen. These appliances truly put my kitchen to shame — think smooth sliding oven racks and sleek induction technology stove tops. I believe this kitchen would make a cook out of me at last!

Dubbed “the linen of kings”, the Ekelund family have been purveyors of fine linens to the Royal Court of Sweden for over a century. All production takes place in Horred, Sweden and uses patented weaving methods like the 6-colour technique that has made the linens a favourite of His Majesty Akihito of Japan, among other royals and diplomats around the world. They have even been used in the banquet halls of the Kremlin.

This beautiful fall table setting features linens from Ekelund, flatware by Gense and tableware by Gustavsbergs. Let’s take a closer look at these last two:

The Focus De Luxe flatware collection by Gense made the New York Times list of “100 best designed products in modern time.” It’s easy to see why, with a sleek design that fuses form and function. The Swedish Ambassador cited an affinity with nature, functionality and technological advancement as hallmarks of Swedish design. Plus, I think some of it is just plain pretty to look at, like this leaf tableware set from Stockholm designer Gustavsbergs, Sweden’s premier porcelain and fine bone china producer.

The newly designed Swedish Animal tableware by Gustavsbergs is fit for royalty — the collection was co-designed by Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip.

I love this whimsical Hare Bowl!

Over our lunch of open-faced smoked salmon sandwiches, I had visions of myself spending an idyllic summer seaside in historic Visby or skiing in scenic Åre — with Prince Carl Philip as my guide, of course. Which, coincidentally, is actually a possibility if you’re interested in purchasing a Volvo. Volvo of Hamilton and Oakville are currently offering free round trip tickets to Gothenburg, Sweden with the purchase of any Volvo through their European Delivery Program. Cheers to that — or should I say, skål!

Photo credits:
1-7. Chloe Berge