Decorating & Design

November 9, 2016

Editor’s Picks: 5 Charming Ornaments For Your Tree

Design editor Stacey Smithers rounds up her favorite ornaments in stores now.

Stacey-Smithers-FeaturedImgWhile the holiday shoots we put together at H&H are styled to look elegant and imperfectly perfect (check out our December 2016 issue), things are a little different around my house during the Christmas season.  I try very hard to throw all my stylist/decorating “rules” out the window. I go for a tried-and-true multicolor scheme and an almost anything goes Christmas vibe. We all get together, put on the Christmas music and deck out the house, hanging my son Miles’ homemade ornaments right alongside family heirlooms — I do admit to being quite adamant about overdoing it on tree lights and tinsel! Here are a few decorations I’d be happy to make room for this year.

1. Since I love a multicolored Christmas tree, this inexpensive bauble from Canadian Tire is right up my alley. Just imagine how it would sparkle!

2. This bottlebrush deer from Pottery Barn delivers classic Christmas charm.

3. I have a soft spot for small-scale ornaments, so Indigo’s handcrafted, gold-dipped feather caught my eye right away.

4. I’d buy a few of these simple garlands from The Paper Place and casually wrap them around my tree for a pop of colour. So pretty!

5. While it’s not a Christmas ornament, I just had to include this felt stocking from Drake General Store in my round-up. I love its simple, yet graphic look.