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November 30, 2012

Holiday Decor Debate Results

The results are in! After polling our readers online about top holiday decorating dilemmas, we can now share the votes. Much like the designers and homeowners who commented on these questions in our November 2012 issue, the numbers are close.

1. CHRISTMAS TREE: Real or faux?

57% prefer a real tree. Nothing beats the smell of natural pine.

2. ON TOP: Angel or star?

The results were especially close for this one, with 53% voting in favour of a star tree topper, and 47% would rather top their tree with an angel.

3. ORNAMENTS: Homemade or chic?

Personally I love the look of homemade ornaments, but 62% of readers polled opt for chic ones.

4. OUTDOOR LIGHTS: White or coloured?

When it comes to lighting up your home’s exterior, 60% of readers favour white lights over rainbow strands.

5. DOOR WREATH: Ornaments and sparkle, or natural boughs?

Here’s where we saw a clear winner — 71% of readers would pick natural boughs over wreaths with ornaments and sparkle.

Thanks for voting, everyone! Find out what Suzanne Dimma, designer Nicola Marc and more homeowners had to say about these hot holiday topics in our November 2012 issue.

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