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August 10, 2015

How Do I Enhance My Exterior With Paint?

When it’s time to paint the exterior 
of your home, choose two or three colors plus a door color — one that contrasts and isn’t used on any other element. More elements provide more opportunity for different paint colors.

A classic trim color is white or creamy white. To highlight the architecture
 and the shape of the house, use a contrasting color on the trim.

To draw attention to key elements, like the front door, paint them in darker or brighter accent colors that contrast with the house’s body.

By contrast, don’t draw attention to less attractive features, like garage doors. Here, opt for one of the subtler trim colors.

Try to create balance with your paint colors — you don’t want your house to look top- or bottom-heavy. Sketch a simple line drawing of your house and fill in the parts you want to paint in dark colors. Try to balance light and dark colors on your drawing, and use that as your guide.


Michele Poole, House & Home July 2015


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