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November 1, 2018

Jillian Harris On Her New Collection And Favorite Christmas Memories

Designer and TV host Jillian Harris is famous for her fresh style and down-to-earth personality. So, it should come as no surprise that her latest collection is equal parts stylish and soulful. Designed with Canadian makers, JH x Etsy features a range of pieces perfect for gifting. (Fair warning: They may make their way onto your own wish list!)

Read on for our holiday-themed interview with the busy West Coast designer.

House & Home: JH x Etsy features pieces made by a range of artisans. Why are you passionate about supporting makers? 

Jillian Harris: I’m personally so grateful for the opportunity to work from home and create my own schedule. (Of course, hosting Love it or List it Vancouver makes things a bit more complicated, but once this season is over, I plan on taking some time off from filming to spend more time with my family).

I love that these small shop owners are creating careers for themselves that allow them to focus on what’s important to them. Whether it be spending more time with family, more time traveling, pursuing a creative outlet or something else, it’s so good for the heart and soul.

H&H: There are a lot of crowd-pleasing items in this collection. Do you have a favorite piece?

JH: Oh my goodness, how could I pick just one? Well, I love the serving board because it’s beautifully crafted, useful and will last forever. The candle would also be a nice addition to anyone’s home, as well as the handcrafted mug… I truly love all of it. I think every item in the collection serves a purpose.

H&H: Does the line’s clean, natural aesthetic match the way you decorate for the season at home?

JH: Absolutely! In fact, when we started creating the collection I selfishly created each piece — along with the Etsy makers, of course — to fit perfectly into my home over the holidays. I like to decorate with mostly creams and whites with a pop of red.

All the pieces go so well together, from the rustic whites and woods on the serving board to the big cozy white and light grey throw. I also love that this collection will transition nicely into the new year — there are very few items that will work just for the holidays. Keeping it timeless was super important to me.

H&H: This is getting us excited for Christmas shopping. What’s your holiday shopping style?

JH: I love shopping early and, actually, throughout the year. I hate waste, so I really try to keep my eyes open all the time to find items that each person I’m shopping for really needs or wants, instead of blindly purchasing like mad and in a rush!

I love for items to have a meaning or thought behind them… and I prefer to shop online (how do people Christmas shop with children!?). But, of course, there are always a few last-minute items that I can only be checked off my list in-store.

H&H: What’s the most memorable Christmas gift you’ve received?

JH: A three stone engagement ring Sydney from Justin! It was perfect and the best Christmas ever!

H&H: How about the most memorable gift you’ve given?

JH: One year, I gave my dad an old hammer with a handwritten letter. It described a family that had been faced with many challenges — a family that was going to be featured on the last episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition I’d be participating in.

He opened the gift on Christmas day, read the story of this family who had been through so much and started crying. He looked up at me and said, “Who are these people? How can I help them?” I told him to take the hammer and get on a plane, because he was going to get that opportunity!

I had bought him a first-class ticket to come to Kansas and help me build them a new home. We were all crying… that’s kind of my goal every year — to make my family cry!

H&H: Your fans know your family has just expanded with your new baby girl Annie! What are you looking forward to most about celebrating the season with her and your son Leo?

JH: I can’t wait until they “get it.” My cousins are like my siblings, and as kids, Christmas was always the most magical time of year for us. There was just so much entertaining, socializing and music. Now that we’re all bit older, I miss those days so much. But now that our kids are getting older, too, we’re going to get that opportunity to give them what our parents gave to us — and I just can’t wait!

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Author: Reiko Milley

Courtesy of Etsy