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April 5, 2012

Made In North America

Two centuries after the war of 1812, Canada is successfully advancing into America once again, only this time we’re moving the style front forward and Americans are welcoming us with open arms. (I knew my history degree would come in handy one day.)

Joe Fresh recently opened on 5th avenue in New York and last weekend, I got a sneak peek inside the first DwellStudio store, which will open in SoHo in early summer.

As you may know, DwellStudio was founded by ex-pat Christiane Lemieux. I promise to reveal more later, but the stunning façade is a good indication of the level of style that awaits. Stay tuned!

Of course, our fashion-forward neighbours to the south are giving us some friendly competition. While in New York, I stumbled on Save Haven, a precisely curated shop on Lafayette St. that carries the relaxed, workwear-inspired look of their Save Khaki menswear into the home.

Trays and textiles from Fog Linen, beautiful locally woven navy blue and white blankets from their own line, rugged aprons, enamel tableware, and simple ceramics had me dreaming of a small but comfy cabin on the tip of Montauk.

That’s Joe behind the cash desk, who patiently and knowingly told me all about their products (Hi Joe!). Here, he’s handcutting and stamping the store’s business cards. A lovely touch.

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Photo credits:
1-5. Kimberley Brown