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October 28, 2015

The New Cat Furniture Line You Have To See!

Cat furniture brand Meyou has created a collection of designer beds that will appeal to anyone who appreciates simple, sophisticated decor. The series features three different shapes of cat beds and is made entirely of natural materials including wood, woven cotton or felt.

The Ball (above) features a globe-shaped cotton cocoon with a circular opening for cats to easily climb in and out. Pairs of angled wooden legs are attached to either side of the bed for additional support.

cat furniture

The Cube has a similar cotton cocoon like The Ball, but is housed in an open metal cube and is also ideal for sharpening claws.


The Bed is made of 100% wool felt and offers cats a vantage point from which to observe their surroundings, or just nap next to you on an elevated rest spot.

Pamper your cat by pre-ordering for on Kickstarter here.

Author: Sabina Sohail


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