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January 16, 2015

Mixing Trad & Modern

Keeping the character of an older home is a classic way to decorate a space, but you may be craving a hit of modern amongst all the traditional bones. Here are some surefire ways to introduce modern touches without permanently altering classic architectural details:

1. Take your trim to the dark side. Painting trim black is a high-impact update to any space — especially one with traditional lines. Try this bold move on baseboards and window trim, doors, or stair railings that need a refresher. For a colourful, less harsh option, opt for navy or dark forest green.

2. Add a hit of primary colour. A chair or accent table in a modern shape and bold colour can add graphic playfulness to a traditional space and create a lovely vignette. If you don’t have enough space for a piece of furniture, try a bold piece of art, or even a print with a coloured frame.

3. Pick a new pendant. Another easy move is to update light fixtures, or just the key focal one. Adding an edgy, modern pendant to a largely traditional space will instantly give it a fresh, updated feel.

For a cohesive look, try all three of these moves!

Author: Jennifer Koper & Emily Evans

Michael Graydon


Table, FR 66.


House & Home January 2014 issue


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