Decorating & Design

March 21, 2017

This New Flat Screen TV Looks Like Art

The black hole presented by flat screen TVs has plagued designers and homeowners for years. One popular solution is hiding a TV within a gallery wall to downplay it, but Samsung, in collaboration with designer Yves Béhar, has gone a step further with The Frame, a screen that mimics an artwork when the TV is off, right down to a grey or white ‘mat’ border. The screen is surrounded by a slim walnut or oak frame which attaches magnetically to 55” or 65” UHD screens, and the company logo is discretely placed on the edge. While the TV is off, Art Mode cycles through 100 high-definition works of art, or can display an owner’s own art or family photos. “We designed it so it looks like the art is printed on paper, so it’s not at full brightness,” Béhar explains. “And a motion sensor in the screen means that if there’s nobody in the room then the picture turns off altogether.” The Frame is due to be launched this spring.

Author: Wendy Jacob

Photo courtesy Samsung.