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10 Clever Products To Kickstart Your Smart Living Routine

These savvy picks will make life that much easier!

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Take Your Kitchen Up A Notch With Advanced Appliances

When designing a kitchen, most start with the appliances. Function is crucial to the space, but now design can be factored into your choice. Miele appliances – available at Tasco – feature polished touches, sleek lines and top-line technology to help elevate your kitchen (and skills)! These appliances and more…

Decorating & Design

The Apple HomePod Is Now In Canada! Here’s Everything You Need To Know

As of June 18, Apple fans in Canada can finally get their hands on the HomePod. Controlled with an iPhone or iPad, this device lets users play music, catch up on podcasts, and streamline a range of everyday tasks using just their voice. But what makes it stand out from…


A First Look At Google’s Latest Smart Home Technology

In 2016, people around the world brought home a piece of their favorite search engine. Using voice activation and the Google Assistant, the Google Home promised to streamline everyday tasks like checking the weather, cooking and listening to music — and became an instant success. In fact, since Google…

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Google Wifi’s Minimalist Look Is A Designer’s Dream

You can say goodbye to your bulky router, because Google Wifi is now available in Canada and its quiet design will look right at home in your living room. In addition to being sleek enough to hide in plain sight, the device works with your Internet provider to produce strong, fast Wi-Fi that’s…

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This New Flat Screen TV Looks Like Art

The black hole presented by flat screen TVs has plagued designers and homeowners for years. One popular solution is hiding a TV within a gallery wall to downplay it, but Samsung, in collaboration with designer Yves Béhar, has gone a step further with The Frame, a screen that…

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5 Smart Appliances That Make Laundry Day More Fun

High-Tech finds for a more functional laundry room.

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What's new in home audio and video systems.

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How to design with TVs and speakers in mind.