Decorating & Design

October 13, 2011

Retail Installation

Last week I popped into Toronto home accessories heaven Hollace Cluny to see their latest displays. Every spring and fall they revamp the showroom, and every time they outdo themselves. The anticipation of what’s to come always creates a buzz in our offices.

Last spring they wrapped a wall with neon ribbon (above), as featured in our Makeovers 2011 special issue.

And the latest is an edgy wood slatted wall finished in matte black.

The owner Susan has an incredible eye for bringing new talent into the Canadian market. One of the latest additions to Hollace Cluny is lighting by British artist Michael Anastassiades. The idea of marrying incandescent tube lighting with the gold hardware is absolutely stunning, especially with the newly created backdrop! The simplicity of his work is what draws me in. It’s time to start saving my pennies!!!

For more on lighting, see Morgan Michener’s Timeless Lighting Options.

Photo credits:
1-5. Sarah Hartill