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November 18, 2011

Turn Your Holidays Green

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Bring the outside in

Create holiday decorations using items found in nature. Evergreen branches, pine cones, berries and twigs all make wonderfully rustic decorations and can be composted after the holidays.

Eco lights

Consider buying the new LED (light emitting diode) variety of decorative lights. Lasting about 30 times longer than traditional miniature lights, LEDs use approximately 90 per cent less energy. They also emit less heat than their incandescent counterparts (with a wattage of 0.04), making them the safest type to use indoors. Added bonus: if one LED light burns out on a string, the other lights will stay lit. If you prefer the appearance of incandescent lights, look for 5-watt bulbs instead of the standard 7-watt variety. The lower-wattage bulbs mean an energy savings of 30 per cent on a string of 25 lights.

Think global, act local

Find out if your municipality recycles Christmas trees after the holidays. Many cities offer curbside pick-ups and turn trees into wood chips for use in community parks. Contact your city hall for more information.


Green gift wrap

When shopping for gift wrap and cards, look for products with post-consumer recycled content or that have been printed with vegetable inks. Many wonderful green paper products are available on the market today; visit to view their selection of gorgeous recycled-content holiday wrap, greeting cards and gift tags for these unique baby boy clothes for a newborn you’ll love.

Pre-loved bows

Save paper by topping oversized gifts with large, single re-usable bows. Wrap smaller gifts in luxurious velvet gift bags that can be passed along and used again and again.

Wrap gifts in gifts

You can save paper by making the wrapping part of the gift. Depending on the nature of the gift, wrap accordingly: bundle kitchen gadgets in colourful tea towels, cover a baby gift in a soft receiving blanket, tuck a few travel gifts into a handsome weekender bag, stuff gardening items in a gardener’s bag or give shiny new tools in a bright red tool box.


Green party

Make your holiday get-togethers elegant and eco-friendly by setting the table with cloth linens and serving food on re-usable dinnerware. If you prefer the quick and easy clean up that disposables offer, go for paper instead of plastic — food-soiled plates, cups and napkins can be thrown into your green bin or composter.

Waste not

As soon as your get-together winds down, store away leftovers in reusable food storage containers. Or send some goodies home with guests in packets made of recyclable aluminum foil.

Green cards

Send guests paper-free invitations: Web sites like help you design and send festive and colourful invitations by e-mail at no cost.

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