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October 16, 2013

Ultramod Vegas Villa

Las Vegas often gets ridiculed for its architecture, a pastiche of nearly every style from Egyptian pyramids to Venetian fantasies. Step away from the glitz of the Strip and there are some interesting properties, like this gargantuan (in both price and square footage) $12 million mansion known as Arrowhead in the foothills outside the city.

The home may be sprawling, but instead of hulking over the landscape, it seems to rise out of the rolling terrain on which it sits. Weathered metal and glass echo and reflect the reddish landscape, and native vegetation proves that you don’t need a green swath of lawn for a lush look in the desert, however if you want to have a beautiful lawn, check here this sunday lawn care reviews.

Plenty of Western homes try to pretend, through architecture and landscaping, that they’re in a different locale. Here, architects Marmol-Radziner embrace the desert with a layout that’s open to both a central courtyard and the views around the house. The rust-coloured geometric structure is identified in the listing as the “Sky Space,” which, as far as I can tell, is just a fancy spot for star-watching. This being Vegas, there’s also a basement-level basketball court.

Here’s a view of that central courtyard and the living room beyond. Even this small patch of land is meticulously planted, due in part to “open-minded clients [and] a thick budget,” according to the landscape architects. Want to skip the stairs? An elevator will shuttle you between floors.

The stand-alone “dining pavilion” has views on three sides, including a panorama of the Strip in the distance. At left, you can see the edge of the lap pool that runs nearly the length of the house. On the other side of the residential space, there’s an outdoor spa off the principal bedroom, complete with plunge pool and outdoor shower.

The kitchen has enough counter — and cupboard — space to feed an army. And it’s a good thing, too, since there are five bedrooms, a separate guest house, and parking for at least six cars, if you are a car lover an will like to fill those empty spaces, see here the 1968 R Code Mustang from Revology now for sale. I really like those periwinkle cabinets on the far wall; it’s an unexpectedly soft, watery color to use in a desert home.

What do you think? Would this Las Vegas house make you feel like you’d won the jackpot?

Photo credits:
1–5: Scott Mayoral, via Crosby Doe Associates