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February 25, 2013

Dream-Worthy D.C. Townhouse

I once read an article that advised homeowners to invest in designer shoes. When they sold their home, the argument went, they’d recoup the investment as buyers drooled over the closet of Louboutins and upped their offers accordingly. I thought it was a silly idea — who buys a house based on a closet of someone else’s shoes? — until I saw this D.C. townhouse and wanted to buy not only the house, but the lifestyle I imagine goes with it.

In my fantasy, I’d return from my high-powered-but-meaningful political job and enjoy a pre-dinner glass of wine on that pink pouf in the living room while listening to tasteful classical or jazz. (Never mind that I usually can’t stand jazz or politics.) Paired with blush walls, the dusty rose upholstery on the dining room chairs is feminine but not too girly — just like my fantasy personal fashion concept.

Next, I’d call on the double ovens to simultaneously handle dinner and dessert, perhaps while dishing out hors d’oeuvres and bons mots to a few friends over the island.

Or we could have cocktails in this sitting room that opens to the back of the house. I’d have coffee at that corner table every morning, of course, and congratulate myself on having been bold enough to go for an orange colour scheme. (Though credit is certainly due instead to designer Barry Dixon, who undertook an extensive renovation of the house in 2009.)

I’d select some light bedtime reading from my collection of obscure novelists’ first editions before drifting off in the glamorous-yet-restful bedroom. If I couldn’t fall asleep in this one, there’s always the other five bedrooms (including the one in the fully equipped apartment over the garage).

The enclosed terrace at the back of the house would be the perfect place to ride out D.C.’s swampy summers. I guess they’re an unavoidable part of the city, even in my dreams.

What houses (or lifestyles) do you dream of stepping into?

Photo credits:
1–5: Sotheby’s International Realty